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По умолчанию PERCEPTRA WRT!World Record Tournament!

Hi I call myself [PRC] W3rt and I run for the Perceptra team ITA; and I wanted to invite everyone of you to partecipate to Perceptra WRT (World Record Tournament)! Perceptra WRT! it will be carried out in this way:
Sunday 21 January to the 24,00 they will come loaded 3 tracks (never seen) on the serveur Perceptra WRT in ITA(TMN) with Aseco loaded like database with the records until 27 Saturdays January to the 24.00; Saturday night will come Elaborated the classifies of the 10 better times for each track and Sunday published on the forum

Sunday 28 at the 21,30 for every single track will be run a challenge between the author of the best 10 record on server in round mode point limit to 40. At the end it will come created one classifies of the winners that it will come every week dawned at the end of the challenges.
Some great players are playing on this challenge like OnD.rask, Behelit (whit a fake; P), Ditra Crusader (Italian NC2 team) and other great player don't run on NC2 or other famous challenges. If someone of you wanted to send tracks (never seen) send them to me at this email [email protected] after i have tried them i judge them adapted or not for the WRT. NOT NECESSARY TO BE REGISTERED FOR PLAY! The only think that you have to do is just RUN and control Sunday if you are qualified . If need support call me on my MSN contact [email protected].
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