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Smile Shift Drifting infos and Tuning examples

As promised, i will provide You here some basic infos about drifting and give You 2 Tuning examples, the Charger RT and the Cayman S, two good cars to make high scores

At first, You will need following to make a good Drift car to Shift:

- Stock or Sportstires:
This will help You holding drifts longer, the other tires have too much grip, i tried the other one but You need to fight to get em loose Grip,
so i think its not the best.
- Power/Torque:
Higher powered cars may be more difficult to handle but You will be able to start drifts in higher gears from lower speed, which is better on some tracks to hold long drifts.
- More Steering Lock angle, less Caster angle:
More Steering lock means that your front wheels may turn in/out with more degrees, so You can make higher Drift angles, which gives more points while drifting. Less Caster do make react Your car faster to Your Steering, so You have more chances to keep an oversteering car from doing a 360
- Differential Lock:
This is the most important, If You lock the differential, both tractioned wheels will turn together when you take a corner, this is the point why a car can drift, less diff lock means that if You have outside wheel spinning in a corner, the diff will break it out and You get the feeling ESP is on.
- weight transfer:
when You smash Your car from right to left, wait that weight transfer is finished before throttling or Youll 360 Yourself all the way.
- spring settings:
thinner front springs for better steering control, more stiffer rear springs for more stability.
- Camber/Toe Settings:
Toe can change how the car will react when you change the direction, it have to fit your driving style, this You have to try out by yourself/depending of the car, its also a good way to fine tune over/understeer balance. Camber will change grip level of tires cause of the contact to the road: | = position of wheel with 0 camber, / = position of wheel max camber.
- Handbrake:
using shortly handbrake when you enter a corner will help You to increase drift angle but its very hard to handle, so try it out if it helps You, on sharp corners like on Ebisu touge its a must to make good scores, training and training and training :-)

Some infos about controller setting:

Pad seems to be the best to drift in shift because You can countersteer more quickly than You will do with a wheel. Reducing Rotation degrees may give more responsive steering. Also reducing sensibility of throttle/brake is good to drift in shift, i use 35%.
Removing Deadzone is also important, if You use DZ, the caster setting will be nearly useless.

How to make long drifts:
The entry point of corner is the point, so as the entry speed. No need to be fast, the way You enter the corner will determinate how good Your drift will be.
I do as following:
low speed, high gear, shortly full throttle to spin the car out to get it oversteering, then immediatly reduce throttle to 20-30% and steer correction to determinate angle. Then i try to throttle a bit more when i passed to middle of the corner to win speed, up to full throttle to make the points grow faster, of course, every corner must be tested and tested to get the best compromise between speed/angle/throttling...If the car suddenly oversteer, just release gas shortly to let the rear wheels get grip and stop the weight transfer.
Second technique, low throttling, start the drift with steering and hold throttle constant, corrections with steering wheel, this is good to drift sharp corners, after middle of corner you can accelerate again to higher angle/speed for more points
But its not easy, the best drifts are made with calm and smoothly driving, aggressive throttling/steering wont help.

Now heres the tuning examples, i dont know if its perfect to all, tuning basics may fit everybody but those are made for my own driving style, so i cant promise it will fit You.
If the car understeers to You, reduce front Tire pressure, if its oversteering, reduce rear tire pressure. You can also determinate the stability of the car with other settings but tire pressure is enough, from my own exp. using "balanced" swaybar setting and tune tire pressure give best results with over/under
(For info: understeer, You see the wall You will crash if your too fast in a corner, oversteer, You will not see the wall at all )

Cayman S Rating - 1677:

Everything with stock gearbox and tires - i dont have used Aero part so no aero setting, if You use a bodykit, a bit downforce on the rear may be good to not spin out to quickly
Tires and Brakes Front Tire Pressure 50 psi
Rear Tire Pressure 70 psi
Brake Balance 60 (40 if You prefer that the car breaks more stable, i like more rear pressure to increase oversteering)
Brake Pressure 8
Aligment Steering Lock 37
Caster Angle 4
Front Toe Angle 10
Rear Toe Angle 30
Front Camber 0
Rear Camber 30
Stance Front Ride Height 1
Rear Ride Height 3
Differential Limited Slip Acceleration Lock 20
Limited Slip Deceleration Lock 20
Limited Slip Preload 5
Visco Eletronic Lock -
Aerodynamics Front Downforce -
Rear Downforce -
Springs Front Sway Bar 5
Rear Sway Bar 5
Front Spring Rate 1
Rear Spring Rate 3
Front Bump Stop 0
Rear Bump Stop 0
Dampers Front Damper Fast Bump 0
Front Damper Slow Bump 0
Front Damper Fast Rebound 5
Front Damper Slow Rebound 5
Rear Damper Fast Bump 0
Rear Damper Slow Bump 0
Rear Damper Fast Rebound 5
Rear Damper Slow Rebound 5
Drivetrain Final Drive -
1st -
2nd -
3rd -
4th -
5th -
6th -

And the Charger RT - Rating 1306:

All exept engine swap and tires
Tires and Brakes Front Tire Pressure 50 psi
Rear Tire Pressure 60 psi
Brake Balance 55 (45 if You prefer that the car breaks more stable, i like more rear pressure to increase oversteering)
Brake Pressure 12
Aligment Steering Lock 35
Caster Angle 5
Front Toe Angle 10
Rear Toe Angle 20
Front Camber 0
Rear Camber 0
Stance Front Ride Height 4
Rear Ride Height 3
Differential Limited Slip Acceleration Lock 17
Limited Slip Deceleration Lock 17
Limited Slip Preload 4
Visco Eletronic Lock -
Aerodynamics Front Downforce -
Rear Downforce -
Springs Front Sway Bar 7
Rear Sway Bar 7
Front Spring Rate 3
Rear Spring Rate 5
Front Bump Stop 6
Rear Bump Stop 6
Dampers Front Damper Fast Bump 0
Front Damper Slow Bump 0
Front Damper Fast Rebound 0
Front Damper Slow Rebound 0
Rear Damper Fast Bump 5
Rear Damper Slow Bump 5
Rear Damper Fast Rebound 10
Rear Damper Slow Rebound 10
Drivetrain Final Drive 8
1st 4
2nd 4
3rd 4
4th 3
5th 2
6th -

If You have questions ask, If You have improvement ideas, please tell me

Happy Drifting
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good beginning

i hope all best racers will open settings =)
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