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Dreamgate 09-11-2009 15:16

WRClient wont work:/
i l get the message "Wrong NFS version or the game has crashed,
it is recommended to restart NFS" and on the right side it says "
[14:57:18] File C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Need for Speed SHIFT\UI\VinylTransformMenu.bff is modified or corrupted.

I have tried to run the game with "Administrator" stil it does´nt work.
I use Windows 7 64 bit.


USSRxInfel8 09-11-2009 15:33

ah , corrupted

don't use mods ?

If once installed, try reinstall nfs in empty folder if you so have not made.
try again tomorrow please
but i need information

Dreamgate 09-11-2009 16:07

Okey, thx. Dont know what u mean about Mods?
What is Mods btw?

EAO trilegdog 09-11-2009 16:21


Originally Posted by Dreamgate (Post 163256)
Okey, thx. Dont know what u mean about Mods?
What is Mods btw?

"Mods" is abbrev. for "Modifications". These mods either alter the visual display such as removing tents, airplanes, crowds or alter the physics of the cars. The use of trainers will also cause the WRClient not to function.

To run a clean copy of Shift for use with WRClient, read here:

Hope this helps.

Dreamgate 09-11-2009 16:35

aaa i see....
Trainers is for kids he he its no fun with that.
i have reinstall shift in a different map, hope it works now.
Thx 4 the help.

Dreamgate 09-11-2009 17:40

Did download a patch to "Eu" now i did get this message:
Incorrect game version - 1, 0, 0, 0 instead of 1, 0, 1, 0 :/


USSRxInfel8 09-11-2009 20:04

if - then you have

you can use nodvd , but better original nfs exe file.

your first exe file with version maybe not original.
try again.

check shift.exe fileversion before start game.
you need 1,0,1,0

Dreamgate 09-11-2009 20:41

okey, thx 4 the help.

RCSxNebuchadnezzar 13-11-2009 22:46

all is ok why not save results?
hello greetings to all, apparently everything is ok, let me know what to disable us in the wheel, I did so I went out to start the race but once I fast mode career, and apparently just does not save any data in the wrclient, I have the original game and not use any kind of mod or trainer, can someone help?

USSRxSerg 13-11-2009 23:35

What message do you get in wrclient? Are you playing in quick race mode?

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