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USSRxInfel8 23-05-2009 10:35

WRecord discussion
Tell here what it is pleasant or not to be pleasant to you in this project and also what u want change in it

jeffareid 29-08-2009 23:05

I don't see anying in the Undercover wrecord rules about driver skill level in the savegames. Many online players have used a savegame editor to boost driver skills to 100% (normally these are 25%), which improves the car peformance somewhat. Edditing the skills beyond 100% has no additional effect, so the performance enhancement is limited to a driver skill of 100%.

On my version of the game (USA), the driver skills seems to max out at 25%, but I don't know if there's some legal in game method to increase the driver skills further still, or if a different version would allow this. It seems strange that the game knows to prevent any further enhancement once driver skills are at or above 100%, so there is something in the game checking for 100%.

My request is that the rules should specify the maximum allowed driver skills, either 25% or 100%. Note that the world cup games apparently has chosen to allow 100%. I think this is because the game detects and prevents any enhancment above 100%, which would prevent other methods similar to driver skills above 25%.

USSRxSerg 30-08-2009 00:09

It allows skill levels that can be obtained ingame without save editors.

USSRxInfel8 30-08-2009 05:57

In rules it is underlined it indirectly (where it is written about cheats).
And as WR Client does not allow to use wrong skills.

jeffareid 31-08-2009 07:39

The problem I see with this is there's no way to know if there isn't some valid method in some version of Undercover to get greater than 25% driver skills, which wouldn't be "cheating".

I would request that someone add that the driver skills are limited to 25% to the rules. This would be similar to the rules for NFSU2, where repeated turbo tuning (tune, dyno, tune) wasn't allowed, even though it wasn't done by cheating.

My concern here is that I read that WCG will allow 100% driver skills. I wonder if WCG received any inside information from the Undercover developers that this would be the best way to prevent any other yet unknown glitches in the game from improving performance. What is known is that Undercover limits performance to 100% driver skills even if they are set higher, and perhaps this in game check is more cheat proof than other means.

USSRxInfel8 31-08-2009 07:48

Probably, the manager will add this point to rules.
But WR Client itself defines level of skills,
Also it is impossible to send, and even to fix result with wrong skills.

USSRxSerg 31-08-2009 16:06

Once Shift is released in 2 weeks nobody will be playing Undercover anyway.

USSRxV_NMad 06-09-2009 17:47


My concern here is that I read that WCG will allow 100% driver skills
In US on WCG have discipline NFS ??? o_0

USSRxInfel8 08-10-2009 19:27

Where to me to download the North American version of game?
And another maybe.
Patch I find only...
It is necessary for WR.

Где мне скачать североамеиканскую версию игры ?
и если есть ещё какие
патч нахожу только...
надо для WR.

USSRxV_NMad 08-10-2009 20:37

я качал с торрента наверно у меня американская версия
могу скинуть exeшник

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