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WRecord NFS Undercover track records, located at

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Default WR testing

Today I represent you the new beta version of the program - WR Client.
In comparison with the previous beta version the telemetry is processed and is added
REPLAY in 3D mode.

Productivity of telemetry has considerably grown (except schedules).

3D cards it is drawn a little, to me to draw while there is no time.
Try by ready examples.

At present updating is ready only for.NET 3.0. (XP SP2,3 + .NET 3.0 , Vista , 7)
For 2.0 will be later, but without 3D Replay.

From this point on program versions, for 2.0 and 3.0 start to differ considerably.

I hope to you updatings will be pleasant.

If there are any questions on updating or wishes write to this theme.

link for beta-version

In 3D it is possible to look only that, on what there is a drawn track,
Old track map, unfortunately are drawn without the necessary data, therefore they can be displayed only 2D, they can be loaded if it is necessary.

3D maps it is necessary to draw to whom not laziness =)

While there there are not enough lines drawn for me
For example Spa, can load my telemetry complete with new wr client.

For high speed closing program,
if it also is not necessary,
That it is possible to switch off in additional customisations saving log and the telemetry.
Then the program will be fast closed.
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